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XBROW 眉毛魔幻賦活精華液 夏日優惠套組

XBROW 眉毛魔幻賦活精華液 夏日優惠套組

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Xbrow is an innovative eyebrow serum that can give tighter and fuller brows. (Best results by repeated 30 day usage) The active ingredients moisturizes your eyebrows and provides them with strength. Brush once a day on clean and dry eyebrows.

The result can give you more shapely and dense eyebrows that enhances your personality.

Benefits with Xbrow:

  • 幫助您的眉毛毛囊更加健康     Helps your eyebrows to reach full potential in thickness
  • 使您的眉毛更加強韌       Your eyebrows will get stronger
  • 擁有漂亮的眉型且豐盈精緻 Nice shape, dense and more defined eyebrows

使用方法 Application

  1. 建議您使用前先卸妝且徹底清潔 Before using Xbrow it’s recommended that you first remove your make up and wash your face
  2. 輕輕地拿出XBROW刷子,減少撒出來浪費的機會Bring out your Xbrow and gently remove the brush to reduce the risk of spillage
  3. 把XBROW均勻得擦在眉毛上Apply a thin line of Xbrow evenly on the roots of your eyebrows
  4. 每晚重複的使用XBROW Repeat using Xbrow every night for 30 days to reach the best results

Benefits with Xbrow:

  • 幫助您的眉毛更加健康 Helps your eyebrows to reach full potential in thickness
  • 使您的眉毛更加強韌 Your eyebrows will get stronger
  • 擁有漂亮的眉型且豐盈精緻 Nice shape, dense and more defined eyebrows

Advantages of Xbrow Eyebrow Serum


Have you noticed that your eyebrows are not as full as they once were?  Do you wish they would be like that again?  The solution is Xbrow eyebrow serum.  Just as Xlash eyelash serum works on your eyelashes; the eyebrow serum does the same superb job on your brows.  No need to rely on temporary fixes of brow liners, dye, or fake brows, to achieve the look you want every day. Read more


XBROW是長期的保養。再也不需要定期每個月去繡眉一樣。大多數有眉毛稀疏的人喜歡有長期解決方法,不是像眉筆那種假效果或人工的眉毛通常都會不夠均勻和真實,只有XBROW讓您看到自然豐盈的眉毛。繡眉如果找不到好的美容師, 不僅會把您的眉毛搞砸,而您卻必須要忍受一段時間才能夠改變。這讓許多人感到他們的稀疏眉毛永遠都不會有救。隨著年齡的增長,受到不同氣候,甚至因為緊張,我們的大腦會對這些做出降低生長毛髮的反應。


The moisturizing formula of the eyebrow serum strengthens your brows at the hair follicle level to help you grow strong, denser eyebrows.  You will notice the brows you already have will exhibit a steady, improved appearance.  The best thing about the brow serum is its benefits don’t vanish every night and need to be redone the following morning.  It is a continuous, layered, positive effect on your natural eyebrows.  There is no need for any procedure at a cosmetologist’s office, or short-term results.  You will be able to enjoy your new look each and every day.  Just use daily and you will see enhancements to your brows in as a little as four weeks.  If you are wondering if the eyebrow serum will work for you, just listen to evidence given by our satisfied customers.  Regardless of your age, race or skin tone, you can have the brows you see models sporting in the magazines. 

Xlash Cosmetics eyebrow serum works for the long run.  It is not a temporary solution to the eyebrow problem you deal with on a regular basis.  Most people who have this difficulty would love to have a long-term answer, one that doesn’t look fake, or “off”.  Eyebrow liner applicators may be hard to apply appropriately, ending up thinner or thicker at different parts of the brow.  Dyeing may not look “real” enough for the natural look you are going for.  Fake brows are not only difficult to place correctly, but aligning them adds another layer of inconvenience to get them just right.  This leaves plenty of people feeling that their eyebrow troubles will never be solved.

As we age, move to different climates or even go through stressful situations, our skin reacts to these new phases with a mind of its own. It frequently negates our normal, positive stages and leaves us looking for ways to reverse the damage.  By using Xbrow eyebrow serum, you can achieve that goal. You can once again have the dense, lovely eyebrows you once had, or you can have them for the very first time!  Your brows will look nice all throughout the day, through swimming, showering and sweating. Water and the elements will not hurt their appearance one bit.  You will be surprised at the staying power of the look of your new, improved eyebrows. 

If you ever wanted to better the look of your brows and you’re tired of brow liner pens, and other ways you’ve used to camouflage them, you will be delighted with the results from using eyebrow serum. It’s the easy and successful way to get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted!